Hi Everyone,

I found out at the end of tonight’s show that parking enforcement mistakenly gave some of us tickets in the Starbucks parking lot while we were at the show. I got one and I know a few other people did too.

Halley, the Starbucks manager, said if we send her photos of our tickets she will get them voided. 

So if you were parked in the little Starbucks parking lot and got a ticket tonight, take a photo of it and email it to me at freshgroundstories at gmail dot com. I’ll send them along to Halley. And next time you’re in the Olive Way Starbucks be sure to thank her and throw a couple bucks in the tip jar for the staff. We are very lucky to have such a supportive manager and venue 🙂

I’ll get my wrap-up/thank you email out in the next few days but I wanted to let everyone know about the parking ticket situation before anyone paid them.

Thanks for a great night of wonderful stories. See you next month!

freshgroundstories at gmail dot com