Hi All,

I hope some of you are working on stories for next week’s show. I’ve talked to a few people this week who said they were having trouble coming up with a story to fit this month’s theme, “First Times – Stories of beginnings”

Don’t get too caught up in the theme. I purposely keep them broad so almost any story can fit if you frame it right. Last night I relistened to an old story of mine that I originally told for the theme, “Last Times.” With almost no changes, it could also fit these other themes:

Last times
First times
Chemical weapons
Bad things that turned out good
Pandora’s Box
What they don’t know can hurt them
Curiosity killed the cat
Sticking your nose when it doesn’t belong

Here’s a story from Elna Baker, one of my all-time favorite tellers. Part of the story is about going on a first date so it could easily fit our theme for this month. But it could also fit a ton of other themes.

I hope it inspires you!

See you next Thursday.

Write me at freshgroundstories at gmail dot com if you have any questions or want to work on a story.