Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all looking forward to our first in-person show since forever. Some of the tellers you’ll see that night are folks we haven’t seen in years. I went deep into my address book to track them down and bring them back. Some of the tellers of course you’ve seen on our Zoom shows so this will be a great way to see them in person.

I’m doing my best to remember how to work the PA system and also figure out the best way to live stream the show. I might just have my son tie a phone to his head and sit close to the stage.  We still have no word yet on if Starbucks will let us have more than 50 people in the room. If we can’t, then I’ll send everyone a link next week that will take you to a signup sheet. I hate to do that so I’m crossing my fingers that we can have a full house that night 🙂

In the meantime, here are links to some great stuff that’s coming up.

The monthly workshop hosted by the wise and wonderful Dave K is coming up tomorrow. Take advantage of these! They are really helpful in getting a story together and learning about storytelling in general. 


Are you excited about getting out in the world again and seeing live shows even if your seats and tables have to be six feet apart? Good! Because there’s a wonderful new monthly storytelling show starting up that I want to tell you about. Bill Bernat and Emily Pitts (both FGS tellers) hosted their first show last month called “Pandamnit! Comedic stories about lockdown life” and it was fantastic. Seriously. I loved every minute of it. Every story made me laugh and it was just what I needed. 

If you go to their next show on July 22, not only will you get the four tellers they booked for that night, you might even get a chance to tell a story yourself. Members from the audience can throw their name in the hat for three chances to tell a story. They’re even giving away prizes. Isn’t that nice? When was the last time you got a prize?

If you want to ease your way back into whatever we’re calling normal, you should go to Pamdamnit! 

Comedic Stories About Lockdown Life
July 22

Facebook link: https://fb.me/e/2tXWthr65 

Eventbrite link.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to tell a story when you can’t make it to FGS, you should check out North Seattle Storytelling. They’re still on Zoom but I know they’re looking to go back to in-person soon. They’re always looking for new tellers so click on this link to join the Meetup group and get their show announcements.


Lastly, here is one of my all-time favorite storytellers, Stephen Tobolowsky. I’ve been listening to him for years and it’s always a joy when I unexpectedly catch him on the radio. Here’s a sweet story called The Afflictions of Love.