July will be our first show back at the Olive Way Starbucks!

To celebrate our return to a semi-almost-maybe-sorta-halfway-normal world I asked some of our regulars to come share their new favorite story on July 15th. No theme or open mic this month. Just a few folks from FGS past and present that I asked to come out and do a special show with me. It’s going to be extra special because I’ve completely forgotten how to run the PA system. 

Right now, the Olive Way Starbucks closes at 7pm. But because they love us so much they’re going to let us do our show there anyway. They’ll close the doors at 7:00 when we start the show and keep it open until we’re done. Isn’t that sweet? As of today, they’ll let us have 30-50 people in there.

I’m also going to try to figure out how to live-stream the show so more people can attend. There’s a chance Starbucks will let us have more than 50 people if the state reopens fully on June 30. I’ll let you know as soon as possible if we can pack the place or if we still need to keep the audience under 50.

We’ll go back to our usual themed open-mics in August. 

Thanks for your patience while I try to figure out how to get FGS back onstage. I love all the new people we’ve met from around the world while we were Zooming but I’m also excited to get back to telling stories in person. There’s nothing like a live show to really experience personal storytelling. If any of our tellers from outside Washington have a chance to come to Seattle, make sure you’re here on the third Thursday so you can see the show live 🙂

Stay tuned for more info on how many people we can have at the next show

That’s all for now. Try to stay cool. Remember, Starbucks has air conditioning! 


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