Hi Everyone!

I want to let you know about two great shows coming up that I hope you can attend. While I keep FGS free of social commentary and politics I always support people and organizations who use storytelling to highlight subjects we need to be talking about.

There are two shows coming up (one is tonight!) that feature stories of COVID-19 and racial justice. Please please please check them out. As storytellers, this is what we have to offer the world. Melissa Reaves, FGS regular and founder of Story Fruition, produced a show that’s happening tonight via Zoom at 5pm. She’s done a lot of work on this and it shows. I’ve heard some of stories that are featured. You want to see this show


Next Friday, Jennifer Wing and I are co-hosting a Zoom show called Pandemic & Protests on KNKX 88.5FM. It features tellers from FGS, Bill Bernat’s Stay Awesome storytelling workshop, and Melissa’s Melanin Stories Matter show. You’ll need to register ahead of time to attend. Do you want to see me freak out over being on a split-screen with a local radio celebrity? Tune in! Do you want to see if I improvise an inappropriate joke between stories? Tune in! Do you want to see if my Wi-Fi drops out during some heartfelt commentary between tellers? Tune in!


Lastly, I want to pass along a beautiful TED talk by Jad Abumad, creator and former host and producer of a wonderful podcast called Radiolab. I love this talk. I would be honored if anyone ever compared our show with a Dolly Parton concert 🙂

That’s all for now.

Give my love to everyone!