Sometimes stories are a form of self-hypnosis. By reminding myself of something hard I lived through in the past I can often find the strength to get through something I’m dealing with in the present. Usually, once I tell a story I’m done with it. I don’t need to tell it ever again because I got whatever I needed from it.  But lately, I’ve been going over a lot of old memories and stories to remind me that I’ve always been stronger than I think I am. 

I think this would be a really good time for all of us to share some stories of not giving up when we really wanted to. I know we’ve all got one because we’re still here reading this. Even if you don’t want to share one of your own, I’d love for you to come out on Sept 17 and support the folks who do.

I have a handful of tellers I bumped from previous shows that will perform on this night but we’ll definitely have room for folks who want to tell a story about a time when they wanted nothing more than to pack it in but didn’t. I don’t think I’m the only one who needs to hear stories like that right now.

Here are the updated rules and guidelines for telling:

I’ll send out a Zoom registration link to everyone in the Meetup group on the day before the show. Feel free to RSVP on Meetup if you want the automatic reminders but I’ll be sending the Zoom link to everyone in the group regardless of your RSVP.

We only have 100 spots in each show (98 actually since me and my assistant each take one spot) so the first 98 people to register for the show will be the only ones who can attend. If you want to tell a story, email me ASAP so I can send you the registration link before I send it to everyone else. 

I’m not creating a Facebook event for this show because it’s easier for me to keep track of everything on Meetup. If you want to get reminders for the show you can join our group here:

Please write me if you have any questions.
See you on the 17th!