Thanks to everyone who came out last Thursday to listen to some great stories at Roy Street! I know you could have been getting ready for the big campout or cookout on Memorial Day weekend and it means a lot that a bunch of you decided to spend a couple hours with me and some wonderful storytellers.

Every show I’m reminded of something that I should already know but for some reason I refuse to remember. This month I was reminded that our mothers actually do love us. Stephanie, one of our first-timers, told us about her mother holding her in a “ferocious and devastatingly intense hug” that tempered the guilt of driving home with a wrecked car. Each of us has so many stories of how we disappointed our parents at various times and it was great to hear Stephanie remind us that no matter what we do they still probably love us.

Timothy, our guest storyteller, told a story about cleaning out his mother’s apartment after she died. It was a story I heard him tell on The Moth and it was as powerful onstage at Roy Street as it was on the radio. When I first discovered him online I didn’t know who he was but a few minutes into his story I knew we had the same story inside us. The details are different but the story is the same. It’s why I asked him to come tell it at our show. I wanted to see him tell it in person. I guess I wanted to make sure he was real.

I never thought I would want to look back at certain people in my life and change how I felt about them. But after listening to Tim’s story I decided that maybe I did need to do that. So I started writing to people in my past and asking questions. I don’t know how this is all going to turn out but I’m willing to take it as far as I can. Thanks Tim.

Tim asked if I could let you guys know about some organizations he cares a lot about. I told him I’d be happy to.

The International Foster Care Alliance
Foster Care Alumni of America

Super colossal thanks to everyone who told a story that night: Mike, Bill, Ginger, Terra Lea, Carin, Elliot, Scot, Timothy, and especially our first-timers, Deborah, Joe and Stephanie. (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! I don’t have all the slips from the show.)

Next month’s show is June 23 and the theme is “Saying Yes.” I’ll write up the invite as soon as I have time.

A few quick plugs for some of our regulars.

KPLU’s Sound Effects just aired Jenny’s story about trying to navigate the mental health system for her husband. She told this story for the first time in public last year at our show. I was three feet away watching her struggle to get through it. Now she’s trying to change things by sharing her story with a bigger audience.

Next week they’ll be airing another of our regulars. His name is Tim. He’s told stories at our show that I’ve never heard anywhere else. Like Jenny’s story it will probably be heartbreaking. That’s why you should listen next Saturday at 10am.

Lastly, Bill Bernat is reprising his “Becoming More Less Crazy” show. You’ve seen bits of it at FGS and now it’s time to see the whole thing in all its glory:

The recording came out ok so send me an email if you want the audio of your story. (I only give out the audio to the people who told a story. Most of them don’t want their stories online so that’s why I only share them with the person who told them.)

See you on the 23rd!