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I hope you can make it to the show this Thursday at Roy Street Coffee. The theme is “Mistakes: Stories of Getting it Wrong.” Here’s the official invite if you want to get more info:

Fresh Ground Stories: Mistakes – Stories of getting it wrong

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 7:00 PM

Roy Street Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway East – Seattle, WA

52 Story Fans Attending

This is a story about my biological mother. I’m lucky to have had three moms in my life. Last month I told you about mom #3 needing to get a pacemaker. Mom #3 is awesome. She’s been in my life for 27 years. She was my dad’s third wife and the one everyone likes. This story is about mom #1. She’s the one I grew up with.My mother was a tremendous s…

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Rules for telling a story: https://freshgroundstories.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/storytelling-rules-and-guidelines/

I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll have a special guest teller that night. I heard his story on The Moth earlier this year and begged him to come tell it at FGS some time. If the stars line up, this Thursday will be that time.

I also have some really cool NPR news to share with you. Two of our storytellers were interviewed for broadcast on KPLU’s Sound Effect. I just got the confirmation that Jenny’s interview will air this coming Saturday at 10am and Tim’s interview will air next Saturday at the same time.

If you’ve seen either of them on stage at FGS you’ll know how hard it was for them to get up in public and tell those stories. They’ve been responsible for some of the most touching moments we’ve ever had at Roy Street. I’m so proud of them for finding the courage to now share those same stories on the radio. The producer said both stories were “heartbreaking and wonderful.” That’s how I feel about them too.

Here’s the show’s website if you can’t catch it live:


That’s all for now. Email me if you have any questions. I hope to see a bunch of you this Thursday and that some of you bring stories 🙂