Fresh Ground Stories: Being Humbled


So far this year I think I’ve been humbled about 173 times. That may seem like a lot but it’s less than my personal record setting pace last year where I ended up being humbled approximately every 15 minutes for 365 days straight. This includes sleeping. If there was a bump in Pfizer stock last year it was probably from my personal intake of Zoloft.


The good thing about all this is that I made it. A big part of making it was deciding I had to tell the story. I knew the last step was to try to make something beautiful out of the worst time in my life.


And that is what I’m asking you to do. Dig down into your secret stash of comeuppances and tell us about a time you were humbled. Tell us how you got through it and what you learned from it. I know this is a hard one but it’s going to be worth it. Every story you tell at this show will make it easier for someone in the audience to deal with their own humbling experiences. There’s nothing like shared embarrassments to make us all feel better, right?


Let’s hear it for the learning things the hard way! Humblefest 2014!


The rules for stories are below but you know the kind we’re looking for: true stories that happened to you that still mean something to you days, months or years later.


I hope to see you at our next show on Thursday, July 24, 7:00pm at the Roy St Cafe.


Rules & Guidelines:


Feel free to email me if you have any questions.