Isn’t it exciting when you figure something out for the first time? Just this week I discovered that if you keep a Qwest technician on the phone long enough they’ll finally just give up and send you a free modem. This afternoon I learned from my trainer that instead of starving myself to get a six-pack I should “learn to love my body” whatever that means. My internet connection is still spotty so I haven’t been able to Google that phrase.

Next month’s theme is about things we’ve discovered or maybe uncovered. Did something happen once that brought out courage you didn’t know you had? Did you find out from the neighbors that your house used to be owned by a famous Gazpacho crime boss? Was your mother a spy for the Allies in WWII? Did you come to find out after years of self-loathing that you’re actually a kind and generous person and not the selfish punk your mother said you were?

It’s a big theme. Almost any story could fit. Discovery (self and otherwise) has been a big theme for me the past year or two and it’s time I start asking other people what kind of discoveries they’ve been dealing with.

The rules for stories are below but you know the kind we’re looking for: true stories that happened to you that still mean something to you days, months or years later.

I hope to see you at our next show on Thursday, June 26, 7:00pm at the Roy St Cafe.

Rules & Guidelines:

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.