So many beautiful, sweet, funny stories last night. Thank you all for coming out and sharing your lives with everyone. I don’t know where all the new people came from last night but I’m happy you found us and hope you keep coming back.

Kimball, Lany, Tim, Becky, Steph, Bill, Raleigh, Kris, Aimee, Danielle, Scot, Graham, you guys were fantastic. I hope I didn’t forget anyone! The meetup site doesn’t let me write enough to thank you individually but each one of you helped make this a special evening. Thanks for having the courage to go onstage and tell your stories.

Even though we went half an hour longer than we’re supposed to we still didn’t get to everyone who put their name in Mr. Coffee. I’m feel bad every time that happens. Sometimes I wish we could do a three hour show but I think that might push the limits of the human spine and bladder. But maybe that’s just me. I hope the folks who didn’t get their name called will come back.

I’ll get next month’s show announcement (Feb 27th) out later this weekend. The theme is Spontaneous Combustion.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and special thanks to those who shared a story. I haven’t listened to the recording yet but if it all went well I’m happy to send anyone who told a story the audio of their performance. Write me at if you’d like that.