Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the show this week. So much vulnerability onstage that night. It made me want to go home and work on stories of my own that I’ve been too scared to write.
I feel terrible that I forgot my tape recorder at home and didn’t get to record the evening and give everyone a copy of their story. I’m telling myself that maybe it was just supposed to be a special night that you had to be there to appreciate. Yes?

Jerry, thank you for going up first and telling your story about the gumball mafia in San Diego. I always wished I had the guts to get out there and publically confront shysters and con artists. Thea, what can I say except I’m glad you survived. In fact, you’ve done more than survive. You may not know it but telling your story made a difference. At least it did to me.

Anne-thank you for surprising me with that story. I never would have guessed that was in you. Will you come back? I hope so. Surprise us again! Bill W-you did great. I hope I never have to experience what you went through but I sure am glad you got up there to tell me about it.

Wes-I’ve been there in that doctor’s office just like you. Your story echoed a lot of what I’ve been dealing with this year. Thanks for reminding me I’m not the only one.

Chris, Gardiner, and Broc-thank you for being there so often for this show. Whether you’re onstage or not it’s good to see my regulars in the audience. It makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a bunch of friends and helps keep me steady during the show when I look out and see you there.

Tim, my friend, this show wouldn’t be the same without you. As long as I have gas in my car to get to that coffee shop you’ll have a place to tell your stories. Baron-the energy you put into learning how to navigate in this world is inspiring. Like you said in your story you have some amazing friends in your life and I think you made some more last Thursday.

Shmuel-I’m pretty sure time stopped while you were on stage. The cafe was unearthly quiet while you told that story. I think you hypnotized us. Or me anyway. Thank you also for coming up to me after the show. I wasn’t able to put my words together very well but what I wanted to say was that it meant a lot to be able to talk to you personally.

Lastly, I want to thank Mark for a perfect ending to the show. You are right. Sometimes the best thing we can do for someone is just to listen. You said it better than I could have and it made everything just right.
I’m sorry this email is so long but I wanted to let everyone know that your stories matter and that I think of them long after the show. I hope everyone who was there that night comes back on Nov 14th for the next show. The theme is Best Laid Plans. I’ll send out the official invite later today.

My apologies if I’ve forgotten to thank anyone. I try to save all the slips of paper so I can thank people later but sometimes things get lost between home and show. I’m sorry we weren’t able to get to the two folks to put their names in the late tin! We were already 30 minutes over and I didn’t want the Roy Street people to worry about how long the show was running. Keep those stories fresh in your mind as I know there will be a theme coming up they’ll relate to.