Hi Everyone,

I went out last weekend and got a touch of the Covid so I’m going to have to push our May show out to June 15. We’ll keep the same theme so anyone who was planning on telling this Thursday can use the same story in June.

I’ll change the date of the show in Meetup in a few minutes so look for that update in your inbox. The upside is that now you have another chance to bring a story or even just a story idea to our wonderful, free, monthly workshop on June 4 🙂

You could also check out the amazing science storytellers at The Story Collider on May 25th (co-hosted by Kent Whipple and featuring Susan Fee who just told with us last month)

Or you could go to a Moth storyslam on the 19th!

I should be back on my feet in a couple weeks and have time to help anyone on a story over the phone. I’ve also started helping people with their stories at my favorite Tacoma teahouse, Mad Hat Tea

https://madhattea.com – I don’t get tea kickback from them. I just like hanging out there.

Hope you’re week is Covid-free!

See you in June on the 15th.

freshgroundstories at gmail dot com