What a great show we had Thursday! Even the rabbi got up and told a story. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for a rabbinical student to be arrested in Russia by the KGB, now you know. Well, you’d know if you were at the show. To be honest, I don’t remember if it was the KGB or the regular GB. Either way, it’s no fun getting thrown in jail in Russia. Aren’t you sad you missed that story?

We also had our first near-death experience story. I’ve always been on the fence about near-death experiences, but the way Todd told his story made me want to know more. One of my favorite things about FGS is that I meet so many people I want to talk to after the show. Many of those people have become good friends of mine. One more reason to come hang out with us on third Thursdays. 

We had three first-timers that night and you know that I always love to see new people discover storytelling. One of the sweetest moments of the evening was when Mark, a first-timer, walked up to the mic and suddenly couldn’t remember how to start his story. After a few seconds, he apologized and went to sit back down. But the audience wouldn’t let him. People started yelling, “You can do it!” and “Just start anywhere!” It was one of the best moments of mass kindness I’ve ever been a part of. Mark turned around, began his story, and did a great job. I just found out today that the next night Mark went onstage at The Moth and won. Congratulations Mark! I’m always happy when I see people practice stories for The Moth at FGS.

Two of the tellers from that night are performing in The Moth grandslam on March 23 at Town Hall. I hope some of you can get tickets and support them. Good luck Melissa, Gretchen, and Kent (who wasn’t able to make it to our show that night). 

Normally, I do a short write-up of each story letting you know how they affected me but I’m not able to do that this time because both of my recorders died on me. I was very upset to find them both dead when I went to hit stop at the end of the show. So not only can I not review them for this thank you email, I also can’t send copies to the tellers. That part hurts the most. Hopefully, I’ve figured out what the issue is and after nine batteries and a new cable, we’ll be back to recording again. Forgive me for not writing in detail about some of the stories we heard that night.

What I can tell you is that in addition to the stories above, we also heard stories about walking through Spain, America, and Thailand. Are all storytellers seekers? Maybe. Stories are how I make sense of my life. I think stories are an important part of whatever journey you’re on. After all, how do we make sense of what we’ve seen if not through the story we tell afterward? 

Rich, one of our first-timers, told a very funny story about crashing his car on the way to a first date. I’ve had some first dates that felt like a car crash but never had one on the way to a date. I’m happy to say that he now has a sweetheart and probably really good insurance. 

Special thanks to Chris and Gretchen who always say yes when I ask them to go first. They’re both wonderful tellers and they always start the evening off right. I’m going to start asking other folks to open our shows because they deserve a break.

One teller I want to thank specifically, though, is Bill B. Bill has been telling with us for about a decade now and that night he closed the show with a funny, touching, heartbreaking-and-then-heartmending story that none of us will ever forget. Bill is moving to the UK in a couple weeks so we won’t see him for a while. He’s been a big part of Seattle storytelling for a long time and is one of the best tellers I’ve ever seen. I’m going to miss him. 

Our next show is April 20. The theme is “Surprising yourself.” I’ll get the invite out as soon as I can. 

Remember to support all the other great storytelling shows in the area.

7Stories needs more tellers for their show this Friday in Burien. The theme is “Advice to my younger self / Rearview mirrors”


North Seattle Storytelling


Our free monthly online workshop (the next one is April 2)


Moth Grandslam March 23 at Town Hall

Thanks to everyone who came out last Thursday and supported all the folks who walked up to the mic that night. FGS will always be free for anyone to attend or tell a story. If you’d like to help pay for the room rental you can donate a couple of bucks here:


Also, if anyone knows where to get a kosher scone, let me know. We can only bring kosher food into the venue and I always give away a Scone of Courage to the first first-timer of the night. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a scone with a K inside a circle on the package. I can’t bake one because it would have to come from a kosher kitchen. So let me know if you find a good Jewish deli.

See you on the 20th!