Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re getting ready for next Thursday’s show. We still have spots open so let me know if you’d like to tell. The theme is “Changes – Stories of reinventing yourself”. The change can be big or small, and you can define it however you like. Here’s the link to the invite to read more: https://www.meetup.com/fresh-ground-stories/events/288665545/

If any of you are in Portland tomorrow you absolutely must see Auntmama tell stories with the Go Janes. Auntmama has told stories with us many times over the years but I bet you’ve never heard her tell stories with three amazing musicians backing her up. It is sublime. Go see them!


Here’s a great story by Matthew Dicks that shows how much you can pack into six minutes and 45 seconds.

Don’t forget about our free monthly workshop! The next one is online on November 6.


I’m also available for help or feedback on any story you’re working on. Send me an email and we can set up a phone call.

I think we might have a temporary space for our in-person shows starting early next year but I’m still looking for a larger, more permanent space. Have no fear. The perfect place for us is out there somewhere. We’ll find it. In the meantime, we get to hear storytellers from all over the world on Zoom! I’ll send out the Zoom info to everyone next Monday.

Write me directly at freshgroundstories at Gmail dot com if you have any questions.

See you next Thursday!