The other day I was telling a friend about how I don’t like having too many choices. In fact, I kinda do better when I don’t have any choices and I need to figure out how to make the best of things. Maybe that’s why I got into storytelling. I wanted to make sense of why life goes sideways and how I manage to find something good out of it. I know there are people who attribute all their success to themselves but I tend to think that a lot of everyone’s success comes from luck and other people helping out, often without telling anyone. It feels better to me that a big part of life’s goodness comes from the universe and other people being kind and loving without my knowledge. I have no idea if that’s true but it’s what I need to believe.

I’d love to hear stories of things working out for you too. Did getting fired lead to a better job? Did getting dumped lead to a better partner? Maybe your ship sank and you were rescued by a mermaid. Did you have a near-death experience that taught you to appreciate every second of life? Did you go in for a routine exam and the doctor found something terrible inside you early enough to save your life? Maybe you took a DNA test and found out that the story your dad always told you about being part of the royal family of Dalmatia might actually be true! (I’m still trying to get confirmation on that one. Stay tuned for my first royal decree.)

Those are the stories we’re looking for next month’s show on January 20. Remember to practice your story out loud on as many people as possible and time yourself when you’re doing it. All stories have to be under 8 minutes. Stories can be as short as you want but not over 8 minutes. If your story goes long, someone else who practiced for weeks might not get a chance to tell. Stories also have to be clean in both language and content. Send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions about that.

The rest of the rules and guidelines are below:

Workshops are a great way to get feedback on a story you’re working on. Here is one I highly recommend:

I’m also happy to help people with their stories. Send me an email and we can set up a phone call.

If you like to work alone, this is the best book I’ve ever seen on personal storytelling:

We’ll be on Zoom again unless the indoor mask mandate changes. Now is a great time for our out-of-town tellers to share more stories with us!

I’ll send out the Zoom link to everyone on the Monday before the show which is January 17th.

I hope to see a bunch of you on the 20th!