Hi Everyone,

KUOW just reached out to me to ask if any FGS folks would like to share a story on their new podcast about the changes we’ve made to our lives during the pandemic. 

Here’s what KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel told me about the new show:

KUOW is working on a new podcast pilot that will showcase personal stories of how the pandemic changed our lives, and the unexpected choices and new pathways that resulted from it. We would love your help finding these stories.

Did you make a big change to your life because of the pandemic? Another way to put it: If the pandemic hadn’t happened, what’s one thing you would never have done?

A producer from KUOW may follow up with you to learn more. 

Email Jeannie ASAP at jyandel@kuow.org if you think you have a story that might fit. 

FGS Trivia: Jeannie and I used to alternate hosting duties during the early days of FGS back when we were called The Emerald City MothUP.

More FGS Trivia: Jeannie hosted the first storytelling show I ever performed at. It was called A Guide to Visitors and I still miss it.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Jeannie is a great producer/host/storyteller/human and I hope some of you get the chance to work with her. So send her any story ideas you have that would work on this new podcast.