Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a good week and are looking forward to our show on the 19th. This month’s theme is “Tipping Point – Stories of enough is enough.”


Starbucks is very excited that so many of us have RSVP’d for next week’s show. They’re hoping it’s a packed house. They’re still looking for more chairs so it’ll be a good idea to bring your own chair again if you can. They know how many people we usually bring out and they’re doing their best to scrounge up more chairs for our monthly shows. But for next week you should still try to bring a chair if you can. I’m going to bring two with me since I have a little extra room in my car. Don’t worry if you’re taking the train or bus. Starbucks has 65 chairs so not all of us have to schlep our own seat.

I hope to see a bunch of you at the show and that a few of you are bringing stories. Let me know if you have any questions or want help or feedback on a story you’re working on.

Here’s a sweet Moth story I just re-found and want to share. I might have sent it to you a few years ago so if I did we’ll call it kismet because it’s worth watching again 🙂 

See you soon,


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