What a show we had last Thursday! Thank you all for coming out to our first in-person show since we last exchanged respiratory droplets. We filled every seat in the house and all the extra chairs people brought with them. With so many people sitting in lawn chairs it felt like a concert in the park but with nicer bathrooms. 

If you weren’t able to catch it in person or watch it over Zoom, we got to see a bunch of tellers from FGS past tell stories we hadn’t heard in years. That was my goal with this show. Instead of our usual open mic format, I tracked down some folks we hadn’t seen in a while and asked them to tell stories from the 2014-2016 era. Some tellers told stories I’d heard at others shows but that we hadn’t heard at FGS before. Next year I’ll ask some folks who performed on our Zoom shows to come back and tell those stories live again at another curated show. 

I’m going to see if I can get permission from last week’s tellers to post their stories on the FGS blog and FB page. I couldn’t possibly do justice to any of these stories by just writing about them. I want you to hear them told live with all the laughter and cheers that went with them. If the file isn’t too big, I’ll post the entire show online so you can hear the in-between bits where I get to show some love to each of the tellers.

Special thanks to Jen Stone, who ran the Zoom portion of the show for us. There is no way we could have included all the new folks we met during Zoom times without Jen stepping up and offering to help. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do a Zoomcast. It’ll probably have a lot to do with how often I can get my son to do it. But I will try to keep the wonderful people we met over the last 18 months involved somehow. They won’t be able to tell but at least they’ll be able to watch.

I’ll be sending out the invite to our August show later today. It’s on August 19 and the theme is “Tipping Point.”

In the meantime, please check out the three links below. There are two shows and a workshop coming up that I want all of you to know about. I’ll be in the audience at the Pandamnit show tonight if you want to come by and say hi. Not only do they have some great tellers booked, audience members might get a chance to tell a story of their own if their name is chosen.

PANDAMNIT! Comedic Stories about Lockdown Life (IN-PERSON) (tonight)

Last Thursday, I introduced Melissa Reeves as the host and producer of Melanin Stories Matter https://melaninstoriesmatter.com/. She’s in the finals this Saturday at the NSN Grand Slam. Watch her online and vote for her story!

National Storytelling Network’s annual GRAND SLAM (this Saturday)

Kent Whipple told a beautiful story at last Thursday’s show and we are lucky to have him holding a six-week workshop starting this Sunday. Everyone who takes his class comes out a better teller. Check out this workshop because it only comes around a few times a year.

Creating Stage-Worthy Personal Stories In Person Workshop (starts this Sunday)

Ok, that’s it for me. Look for the August invite to hit your inbox sometime today.

Take care,