Thank you everyone who came out to the show last Thursday. It was great to have so many people show up to support our tellers. I was especially happy to see some first-timers telling that night. 

This wrap-up will be shorter than usual as I’m under the influence of a wicked mixture of pollen and various over-the-counter allergy meds. It’s almost June so I’m scheduled to spend the next few weeks on my back with a wet rag over my eyes and blowing my nose hard enough to start the neighbor dogs barking.

Luckily, the good folks at MerckoPfizerSquibbJohnson have given me a wide range of narcobenzoflamitoids to choose from. If it ends in -tec, -vert, -tin, or -dryl I probably have it in me right now. I don’t know what the active ingredients are in any of these but I’m probably flammable. 

I do want to share a couple things before I go back under the rag.

First, Silvana sent me a photo of Randy the man-eating rooster in his johnny jump-up. Thank you, Silvana! I posted it on our Facebook page:

Second, Colleen shared a story that night about taking control of her life and how she started giving herself the love and attention that until then she’d been giving to others. The next day a friend of mine wrote to tell me that it was exactly the story she needed to hear right now in her life. 

Our stories are gifts. Not because they contain advice, but because they let others know they’re not alone. The world doesn’t need more opinions but it does need more people sharing what we’ve lived through. Thank you, Colleen, for your gift that night. A woman you’ve never met really needed it.

Ok, one more thank you to my son, Taran. Thank you for making your old man proud. You told a great story. I’m still thinking about it a week later.

Big thanks to all the tellers that night: Behnaz, Carmen, Colleen, Liz, Melody, Randi, Emily, Connie, Silvana, Taran, and Dave.

Don’t forget to take our one-question survey on how comfortable you’d be coming to see an FGS show in person. If I get enough people who want to come I’ll bring the show back to our favorite coffee shop on July 15.

Our next Zoom show is June 17. The theme is, “Swimming to Share – Stories of saving yourself.” I’ll get the invite out as soon as I can see straight. Email me if you have any questions, freshgroundstories at gmail dot com (I gotta spell it this way ‘cos Meetup will hide it if I don’t).

Check out the two great workshops we partner with. They’re super helpful if you need help on a story.

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Have a great week 🙂