July’s theme is “Silver Linings – Stories of finding the good in the bad.” It’ll be on July 16, at 7 pm PST.

I had another theme in mind for this show but I think we all need to hear some positive stories right now. I know I do.

Come tell a story about a time in your life when something bad turned out to be good. Did losing your job lead to a better one? Did getting dumped make you available to find someone better? Maybe someone died and you were finally free to become yourself. One day I’ll tell the story of how that last one happened to me. 

Here are the rules for telling at FGS : https://freshgroundstories.com/2013/01/22/storytelling-rules-and-guidelines/

Here are the main rules:

  1. Stories have to be true and happened to you
  2. You can’t use notes. We want you to tell the story, not recite it.
  3. Keep it clean in language and in content (no sex, poop, body functions, etc.)
  4. No social commentary. FGS is where we take the energy we usually use to judge others and instead use that energy to find out something about ourselves.
  5. Stories have to be under 8 minutes. Practice out loud on friends and time yourself.

I’ll send out a registration link to everyone in the Meetup group on the day before the show. We only have 100 spots (98 actually since me and my assistant each take one spot) so the first 98 people to register for the show will be the only ones who can attend. If you want to tell a story, email me ASAP so I can send you the registration link before I send it to everyone else. 

I tried to get a Zoom account that gave us more than 100 spots but it was much more expensive than I thought it would be. So we’re stuck with 100. Fortunately, we haven’t had more than that sign in to our online shows so we should be ok. Thanks for all the patience and understanding you’ve shown me since we took our shows online. The tech stuff is always hard to deal with even when everything is working fine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent 30 seconds complimenting someone on their story only to find I had myself muted the whole time. So frustrating!

I’m really looking forward to this show. We already have a special guest teller lined up as well as a number of people I had to bump from the last show. Thank you all for supporting everyone connected with FGS. We need each other more than ever now and I’m grateful for the hour or two you grace us with every month.

See you on the 16th