Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re looking forward to our first online open mic next Thursday, June 18. The theme is Drowning – Stories of being overwhelmed. I originally scheduled this show for March and had no idea how relevant it would be when we finally got around to doing it in June.

Email me at freshgroundstories@gmail.com if you want to reserve your spot for the show. Let me know in your email if you want to tell a story. I’ll be pulling names out of Mr. Coffee like we do at our regular shows.

If you’d like some feedback on a story you’re working on, the Stay Awesome storytelling workshop next Monday is a great place to get it:

I’m also happy to help anyone with a story they’re working on. Email me and we can set up a phone call.

Rules for telling at FGS

Here is my new favorite Moth story if you need some inspiration 🙂

NPR’s KNKX 88.5 has been really good to us over the past two weeks. They asked Maryanne to tell the story she told at our show last month.

Last Saturday they aired the live show we co-produced with them in June 2019

If you can’t wait until the 18th and would like to tell a story tomorrow, you can join our friends at North Seattle Storytelling

That’s all for now. Write me if you have any questions.