Power up your laptops, we’re doing our first online show this Thursday at 7pm!

This first event will have six amazing tellers who have told with us before. Next month we’ll start back with our regular open mic where we’ll finally get to the theme we originally scheduled back in March 🙂

I love each of the stories you’ll hear this night so I hope you’ll join us. If you’re lucky, you might even hear me curse as few times when I can’t figure out how to unmute someone. I fully expect to break my 10-year streak of clean performances at some point during this show. If you enjoy seeing someone flustered from switching between gallery view and speaker view this is the show for you.

Seriously, though, these stories are beautiful. You’re going to love them. 

Because there are some goofballs out there who enjoy interrupting Zoom shows, I’m taking precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen. Since my Zoom account only allows 100 people on each call, the first 100 people to RSVP to me via email at freshgroundstories@gmail.com will get in. 

Please include in your email your name or the name you’ll log into the call with. Thursday afternoon I’ll send everyone who emailed me the Zoom link and password. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE OR POST THE LINK OR PASSWORD ONLINE. I hate having to do this but enough Zoom facilitators have told me this is how the goofballs get in. 

My wonderful assistant Kris will be the velvet rope for the show. She’ll be the one who lets people into the show from the virtual waiting room. If she doesn’t recognize your name then you might not get in. So make sure the name you send me in your email is the one you use to log in.

I miss seeing all of you, even the ones who have come for years and never told a story. I’m going to keep doing this online show until we can all meet again for handshakes, hugs, and stories. I hope to see a bunch of you this Thursday in Zoomland 🙂