Hi All,

There are two great opportunities that I want to let everyone know about. The first is a storytelling workshop with Kevin Allison from the Risk! podcast, and the second is a paid gig for anyone who has a story to share about how they interact with technology.

Opportunity the First:

Storytelling Workshop with RISK!’s Kevin Allison Wednesday, September 18 6:00pm – 8:00pm 

In this class, Kevin Allison (founder of The Story Studio and RISK! and member of The State) will teach you the skills to wow a crowd with your story. You’ll learn how to select compelling story topics, use the 5 Beat structure to build suspense, bring vivid dramatic action to life with sensory details, and unpack the larger thematic meanings of your narrative. This class encourages participation: everyone will be given the opportunity to apply storytelling techniques to one of their own stories. A few students will be given the opportunity to share aspects of their story live on stage, and receive criticism so that we all can learn together.

Each participant will leave with a 4-to-6 minute story that builds upon the principles taught during the class.

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/storytelling-workshop-with-risks-kevin-allison-registration-62951820590

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2471697732869827/

Opportunity the Second:

A brand strategy consultancy in NYC just reached out to me and asked if any of our tellers would be interested in participating in a panel discussion/research project. 

I’m pasting their text below so I don’t rewrite their description. It sounds interesting and they will pay you for your time. Yes, you can get paid to tell them about your experience. What better gig is that?

From TRIPTK Consulting:
We’re hosting a series of panel discussions in Seattle on 9/23 and are looking for people to participate who have a story they can tell which can help to illuminate the challenges and opportunities we face as we interact with tech, phones, Google, Facebook and the rest. 

Examples not limited to but might include: 

– Unusual or challenging experience with Google or Amazon or any other company related to your data
– Case of mistaken identity or privacy issues related to online data
– Racism, sexism or being excluded due to digital identity
– Impacted by lack of representation or diversity in a digital space
– Problems faced due to lack of access to technology, or tech knowledge 

– An instance where your data has been used in a really positive, impactful way
– Amazing experience of being included online
– Case of “minority” or non-mainstream issue being solved by data or tech
– Tech has enabled you to do something brilliant or unthinkable
– Your data has solved a problem for you

Morning session: 9am-11am PDT
Afternoon Session: 12-2pm PST
Evening session: 4-6pm (or 5-7pm) 

They can also be flexible pending availability.
Contact Marie Reno-Gaffey at  monique.reno-gaffey@triptk.co to sign up for the panel.

See you on the 19th for our next show!

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