Hi Everyone,

Our next show is coming up on the 16th but I wanted to share some great news with you tonight. KNKX’s Sound Effect and FGS are getting together to do a storytelling show together in June!

It’s going to be held on June 4th and will feature people you’ve heard at FGS, Auntmama’s Storytable, and the Sound Effect podcast. I’m thrilled Gabe Spitzer asked me to do this with him. He produces one of my favorite radio shows so it’s extra special happy times to get to do a live show with him. I even get to tell a story! If enough people show up on the 4th we might even do another show later this year 🙂

In a strange turn of events, it’s being held in the place I almost moved our show to, The Collective, in South Lake Union. Come on down if you’d like to see the World’s Biggest Hammock, Silly Floaty Ball Chairs, and Couches That Sit 20. Luckily, we’ll be performing in the room next to the World’s Biggest Hammock because Gabe has enough sense to not do a show in such a ridiculous room.

Tickets are free but you have to reserve them because space is limited


Be sure to subscribe to the Sound Effect podcast so you won’t miss any FGS tellers who’ll be on in the future


In the meantime, if you’d like to tell a story yourself this week there are two good places to do that tomorrow. The first one is in Seattle and the second is in Tacoma. They’re both great venues to work on stories for The Moth or FGS.



Lastly, don’t forget that Auntmama’s Storytable show is coming up at the end of the month. They had one of their best shows ever last month and I would love to keep the momentum going. This month’s theme is Men and Machine. The featured teller is Lance Lambert, who has told some great stories with us at FGS.


A few of you have asked me about the free monthly workshop two of our regular tellers hold. Click the link below and join their meetup so you can get their monthly reminders. It’s an excellent way to get feedback on your stories.


That’s all for now. See you on the 16th!