Hi Everyone,

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday. The theme is Fed Up – Stories from the end of your rope.  https://www.meetup.com/Fresh-Ground-Stories/events/257525934/

Earlier today, KUOW asked me to let everyone know that they’re looking for people to share their experiences of the late, great viaduct. I’ve never been asked to tell a story about a cement structure but I think it’ll be a cool event. I live in Olympia so my only experiences with the viaduct are all the times I accidentally found myself on it.

But since the rest of you live in Seattle, I’m sure at least a few of you have some deeply-rooted and possibly unresolved emotions about The Thing That Is No More. KUOW would love to hear what you’ve been keeping buried all these years 🙂

I cut and pasted the URL and their email to me at the bottom of this message. If you have any questions about the event contact them through their website.

See you Thursday at Roy Street!



In early January, the Seattle viaduct will close for the last time. In February, the wrecking ball will turn this beloved (or hated) structure to dust. Perhaps you drove on it every day to get back and forth from work. Perhaps you ran on it during the Rock n’ Roll Marathon, or used it every time you went to a Mariners game.

Whatever your relationship with the viaduct, KUOW and Cafe Nordo are inviting you to bid farewell to this elevated structure in style. Do you have a story, song, haiku, or poem about the viaduct? Would you like to raise a glass to the impending doom of this highway (and the inevitable traffic apocalypse)? Join us for an open mic-style event where we bid goodbye to the viaduct with music, poetry, limericks, etc.

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show begins at 7:00 PM

To share your story, sign up here. Speakers are chosen randomly. Signing up is not a guarantee that you will be selected.