Hi Everyone,

Our next show is coming up in a couple days. I hope you can make it. We have a special guest teller who will be closing the show that night. I saw her tell a story in Tacoma at the Something To Tell show and I ran right up to her afterward and asked her to tell it at FGS. She’s new to storytelling but she’s off to a great start. I hope she becomes a regular. Also, her name is Taryn which is very close to my son’s name, Taran. Clearly, the gods of storytelling were guiding me to that little coffee shop in on Fawcett Street 🙂

In the meantime, you can listen to the story below. It’s from Jason Schmidt, a guy I tried to get to come to FGS but he moved across the country earlier this year and we lost out.

This is one of those stories that makes me get really quiet when I hear it. It brings up an old memory of me and my son when he was 7, and we were in a similar situation. I know exactly how this storyteller’s dad was feeling in this story. Fear, shame, and disbelief. Those were the big three emotions I had to work through in order to turn things around.

I don’t know what happened to Jason’s dad in the years since this story. I hope he lived long enough to make better stories with his son. I hope he got to see how great his son turned out to be.

See you all this Thursday at Roy Street