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Just a reminder that the next FGS show is around the corner. The theme is “So Long! – Stories of saying goodbye”

FGS: So long! – Stories of saying goodbye

Thursday, Aug 23, 2018, 7:00 PM

Roy Street Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway East – Seattle, WA

40 Story Fans Attending

in 2005, the right side of my body began to go numb. I got tested for all kinds of diseases and conditions, underwent two MRIs, and saw chiropractors and massage therapists, but no one could figure out what was wrong. As a single parent, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on health care, so I decided to just limp around and learn to live with wh…

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While you’re waiting for Thursday to roll around you can listen to three amazing stories from our show that made it onto the KNKX Sound Effect podcast. I pasted small blurbs from the Sound Effect website to give you a taste of what each story is about 🙂

“He didn’t know it at the time, but that experience would pave the way for Cossum’s new line of work once he returned to the States: He became a phone sex operator. And if that sounds like a departure from the life of a soldier, there’s one more thing you ought to know: Cossum would offer phone sex in the voice and persona of a woman. “


“While Hawkins had gone through basic training, his role was supposed to be documenting the war, not fighting it. But around Thanksgiving 1967, Rich found himself right in the middle of the storm.

Listen to the story, and hear how Hawkins came to the conclusion that for people to be prepared to die for something they were against is an example of how the system works.”


“Wolfe wanted children. But when he went to a sperm donor clinic, he didn’t expect that he’d end up with seventeen.”


Lastly, if you’re curious about the story I told in front of my friends from high school who showed at Roy Street last month, you can listen to it here:

Thank you all for being a part of FGS. This show means a lot to people and I appreciate everyone who comes out to either share a story or supports the folks who do. Meetup doesn’t let me put emojis in these emails but if it did there would be a big heart right here.