This month’s theme is “Never in a Million Years: Stories of the unthinkable.” Tell us about a time when you did something you never thought you’d do. Or lived through something you never thought you’d have to live through. Or maybe you always thought you’d react in a certain way but when real life came knocking your response surprised you.

How did you end up in that situation? What did you learn from it? Did it break you down or build you up? That’s the kind of story we’re looking for.

I don’t have time this week to write up a story of my own on this theme but I wanted to get the official invite out as soon as possible so you’d have lots of time to dive into your past and work up a story.

Remember to keep it clean and practice out loud as much as possible. Here are the rules & guidelines to help you get started.

I hope to see you on October 26 at 7pm at Roy Street Coffee and Tea.