Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that our next show is coming up this Thursday. The theme is Risk: Stories of taking a chance.

FGS: Risk – Stories of Taking a Chance

Thursday, Aug 24, 2017, 7:00 PM

Roy Street Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway East – Seattle, WA

53 Story Fans Attending

This month’s theme is “Risk: Stories of taking a chance.” It took me a long time in life to be ok with taking chances. I’m embarrassed to say that my fear of failure was greater than my desire for success. In fact, that sentence was so uncomfortable for me to write I just went back and changed it from present tense to past tense. So even now, after…

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Here are the rules/guidelines for telling a story if you have one ready:


Of course the most important thing I have to share is the fantastic article on one of our storytelling regulars, Nathan Vass!


Also, if any of your are in Tacoma this week, there’s a storytelling open mic called Something to Tell happening this Wednesday. It’s run by another friend of FGS, Big Tim.

Stories From The FARM!

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017, 7:00 PM

Black Kettle Bites and Brew
744 Market St. Unit 102B Tacoma, WA

5 Members Attending

Grow up on a farm and have rediculously crazy stories? Animal wrangling……chicken debauchery…….goat vandalism….come share!

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That’s all for now. I hope none of you lost your retinas today 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.