Hi Guys,

I was just contacted by one of the producers of a new podcast called, “Family Ghosts.” He’s looking for true stories from families that have been haunted, in a way, by something that happened to their family in the past. Below is the text I copied directly from Sam’s email:


Here’s a quick breakdown of the Family Ghosts project:

Each episode will feature someone investigating the truth behind a person whose legacy has haunted their family for generations – an aunt who vanished without a trace, a father who turned out to have a secret family, a cousin who absconded with the family fortune, etc. In each episode, we’ll hear the dinner-table version of these stories that’ve been making the rounds for years – and then we’ll dig into what actually happened, potentially altering the narrator’s perception of themselves and where they come from.

I’m looking for stories that can hold a listener’s attention for about 30-45 minutes – so naturally these will have to be stories with high stakes, rich characters, lots of history, and difficult questions at the center. Most importantly, I’m interested in what’s important to the storyteller about getting to the bottom of this mystery – what effect they think it might have on their life, and why. If you want to get a feel for it, the pilot episode is available from iTunes, or you can stream it here: https://megaphone.link/PPY1805389984.


This sounds like a really cool project and I hope some of you send Sam a brief summary of a story from your family that might fit the podcast. Send all your pitches to: familyghosts@panoply.fm. Use the same address for any questions you have.

I actually pitched my own family mystery to him earlier today and I’m curious to see what he and his team think of it. I’ll let you know what happens.

Leave a comment here on our page if you do send one in. I’d love to know how many stories he gets from FGS people 🙂