Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to say that in addition to our show next week on the 23rd there are some other good shows coming up soon.

Seattle Words ‘n Music  4 is happening Sunday, February 26th at The Jewelbox Theater in Belltown. One of our regulars puts this show on every few months and uses storytellers he finds at FGS. It’s a great way to bring our tellers from a coffee shop to a theater stage. There’s also musical acts between stories which makes it different from any other storytelling show I’ve seen. I’ll be hosting and joined onstage by FGS alumni David Schumer,  Tracey Croisier, Terra Lee Dennis, and Chris Spengler.

The last one sold out so they’re doing it again on the 26th. For more info or tickets go to their website: https://www.seattlewordsnmusic.com

Here’s a clip from their December show:

If you want a chance to tell a story yourself there’s a new open mic now in Tacoma called Something To Tell. It’s run by another FGS regular, Big Tim. Their next show is this Friday at B Sharp Coffee. The theme is: Love Is An Amazing Thing – Stories Of Love and Life. I’m sure we all have a love story after Valentines Day, right?

I’ll be telling the story of my first girlfriend and The Thing I’ll Never Do Again. (actually that could probably be the subtitle of all my stories)

Here are the links to the show and the event:

Something to Tell
Friday, February 17 at 7 PM – 9 PM PST


One last show to tell you about and then I’ll let you get back to your lives. This Friday, the Seattle Storytellers Guild will be having an open mic after their show, “Loves Lost and Found” Not only are SSG shows great for meeting new tellers but it’s also a good place to practice your stories for other shows like The Moth, AGTV, or FGS.

Here’s the info for this Friday’s show:


February 17 7:30-9:30 pm

Haller Lake Community Club
12579 Densmore Ave N

I hope all this hasn’t worn you out and that you can all make to our show next week on the 23rd 🙂

Write me if you have any questions.