One of the producers at KUOW just asked if I would let my FGS people know that they’re looking for personal stories for a new podcast called How’s Your Day? The tagline for the show is “A Story You Don’t Know From a Day We All Remember.”

Both KUOW and KNKX have been really kind to me and supportive of our show so you can feel good about sharing a story with them. Shane Mehling is the person to contact if you have a story for them. You can write him at

Here is Shane’s text describing the podcast:

“What we are looking for is a personal story that happened on the day of a major news event. Ideally the story is not connected to the event – they just happened to coincide. We would prefer the event to be within the last 40 years and something significant (The Berlin Wall coming down, Princess Di’s death, the day of the 2008 election). For the story, it just has to happen on that exact day and it has to be that person’s story – not a story about someone else.

I think that is about it, but here are the stories that we have already done:

MLK assassination
Nelson Mandela’s Release from Prison
Oklahoma City Bombing
BP Oil Spill
The Death of Terry Schiavo
Mt. St. Helen’s Eruption
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster”

They’re looking specifically for stories that happened they day the Berlin Wall came down, Princess Di’s death, and the 2008 election. They’ll probably take stories from other days too but those were the three they mentioned as examples.

I hope at least a couple of you have something to share. It would be great to be driving to work one day and hear you on the radio.

Take care. See you next Thursday.