Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that our next show is this Thursday. I hope a bunch of you can make it. Here’s the link to this month’s theme:

Fresh Ground Stories:Called to Action-Stories of being compelled to do something

Thursday, Oct 27, 2016, 7:00 PM

Roy Street Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway East – Seattle, WA

79 Story Fans Attending

Most of you don’t now this but my mom was a missionary for the Baha’i Faith while I was growing up. Since we lived in Alaska that involved jumping in tiny planes and flying around the state. There weren’t always roads where my mother brought her faith and frankly there wasn’t always a lot of interest in what she had to say either. The Aleuts and At…

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I also want to pass on some fantastic news. In the last month, two of our tellers were featured on KNKX’s Sound Effect show. Every now and then I find a story that matches up with one of Sound Effect’s themes and I get to connect a teller at our show with the nice folks at our local NPR station. Click on the links below if you’d like to hear Margaret’s story about joining a cult in her 20’s and Chris’s story about how Alzheimer’s gave her the father she always wanted 🙂



Quick shout out to one of our regular tellers, Bill Bernat. He’s performing his amazing one-man-show “Becoming More Less Crazy” next month on Nov 5. He worked out a lot of this show at FGS and it’s been a joy to see the full story evolve onstage. You can find out more about it here: http://morelesscrazy.com/

I also want to remind everyone that I’m experimenting with how to decide who gets onstage each night. If we get 10-12 people putting their names in the Mr. Coffee carafe then everyone will get stage time and nothing will change. But if we get 15-20 tellers like we’re starting to I’m going to have to bump some folks. It kills me to do that but the show really does need to stay to around 90 minutes.

You can read about those changes about halfway down the blogpost here: https://freshgroundstories.com/2016/09/24/thank-you-18/

Thanks for your patience and understanding while I try to figure this out. Email me if you have any questions.