Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that our next show is this Thursday at Roy Street Coffee. The theme is “Saying Yes – Stories of Jumping in.”

If you’ve ever done something that didn’t turn out quite the way you planned here’s your chance to tell the story J


Here are the rules and guidelines if you want to tell a story:


Before I let you go back to enjoying the weather I want to remind you of a couple of amazing things our regulars are doing.

The first is Bill Bernat’s one-man show called “Becoming More Less Crazy.” It’s funny and touching and beautiful and definitely worth catching if you love personal storytelling. Click on either of the links below for the full description.



I also want to let you know about of our tellers who was recently interviewed on KPLU’s Sound Effect. It’s a tough listen, and definitely not for kids, but it’s a pretty amazing 12 minutes. Tim spent two years healing himself through the stories he told at our show and now he’s able to finally share them in other places.


That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions. See you on Thursday!