Thank you everyone who came out to the show Thursday. We had some amazing new people show up and tell stories and I am always touched when that happens. Where do they come from? How do they find us? I have no idea. But I’m glad they do.

Jake, I hope I never have to find out what’s it like to be robbed at gunpoint. Walking us through those moments and telling us how you coped with it afterward meant a lot to me. Thank you for having the courage to relive that day on stage for us.

Jude, I was honored to give you the Banana Bread of Bravado. Thank you for reminding us never to get sick on Vashon Island and that sometimes a green smoothie is the best medicine. I am getting the Vitamix out of the cupboard this morning and dosing myself with berries and kale.

Paul M shared a story about how he always wanted to be pecked to death by ravens and how an encounter with a bear changed his end-of-life plans. Don’t take this the wrong way but I hope I never see you in a National Geographic under the headline, “Bear Eats Man That Looks Like Bear.” Try not to go camping dressed like a berry or smelling like a salmon, ok?

Jenny, my friend, thank you for coming all the way up from Olympia to share that story with us. I’ve known you for years and have always wanted to know you better. Now I feel like I do. At least a little. You know I’m going to do my best to get you and Amy to make that drive and come back again.

I can’t thank everyone individually but I want to take a minute to thank two regulars who came out and told two fantastic stories. They couldn’t have been more different but they were each beautiful in their own way. Ginger, thank you for showing me how little I really know about the people in my life and what they carry with them as they walk through their days.

Nathan, that was one of the funniest stories we’ve ever heard at FGS. Not only was it funny it seemed completely effortless. I felt bad that we ran out of time last month and I had to bump you but the wait was worth it. Thank you for coming back and throwing your name in Mr. Coffee!

Before I let you guys go I want to apologize for having to bump three tellers this month: Marjorie, Cavan and Sea. I’ve heard them all tell before and it hurts to end any show with names still in Mr. Coffee. I hope your stories can fit into next month’s theme or the one after that. I managed to get two more tellers than we usually have up there but there was just no way I could fit everyone in that night.

Thanks again to all the people who told stories: David S, Bill B, Nathan, Jake, Jenny, Paul M, Ginger, Paul B, Kauni, Deborah, Jude, and Margaret.

I’ll get the invitation for next month’s show out as soon as I can. It’ll probably hit your inbox sometime next weekend. The theme is Comfort Zone – Stories of making yourself uncomfortable. Or something like that. I’ll make it clear in the invite 🙂

See you at Roy Street on September 24!