From Here to There – stories of getting from one place to another. You’ve heard it a million times, “it’s the journey not the destination.” Now is your chance to see if that’s true. Tell us about a trip you took and how it changed you. It could be a physical trip. It could be an emotional trip. It could be at trip down the stairs. A journey of the mind or a journey of a thousand steps. As long as there’s a story in there we’d like to hear about it.

This show, like the last one, is a little earlier in the month than usual so that we don’t run into the holidays. I hope you can make it.

I finally managed to get a couple stories from last show up on the blog and our Facebook page. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll try to get one or two more up if I have the time and can get permission from the tellers.

See you on December 13th!