First kiss, first day of school, first time you stared death in the face. First times, they’re the beginning of one thing and perhaps the end of another. First day sober? First day single after ten years of marriage? What happened on your first time?

October’s theme is First Times. First time anything. (well, there could be kids in the room so, you know, use some clever euphemisms or something) We want to hear about the first time you did something or maybe even the first time you didn’t do something. That’s cool too. You know these themes are intentionally broad so you can interpret them as you wish.

Important thing to remember: Stories revolve around something physically happening. Try to remember that as you develop your story. Feelings and memories are fine but they must be tied to something actually happening to make it a story.

Go now to the couch, curl up with a glass of wine, cup of tea or votive candle holder full of scotch. Whatever gets your juices flowing. Say the story out loud. Say it again out loud. Practice it a bunch of times in the car, the bathroom or walking around the lake. Then bring it to the show October 25 at 7pm. Put your name in the hat and cross your fingers. See you there.

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