Welcome to the blog. Here’s where I’ll be posting information and whatnot about the shows. I may try to upload audio or video occasionally but never without permission of the storytellers.

The best way to get reminders of the show is still to join our MeetUP group and Facebook page.
Below is a copy of the email I sent out via MeetUP.

The name of our show will change in September from MothUP to Fresh Ground Stories. This is because The Moth is officially in Seattle and legally we can’t use their name once they hit town.

Also, we won’t be videotaping the stories anymore and sending them into Moth Central. From now on you get to send them your stories in person when you go to the monthly StorySLAMs at the Freemont Abbey.

Right now I don’t plan on doing anything different with the show. Stories will still have to be 10 minutes or less, no standup, no notes, always be true, told in first-person, etc. We plan on keeping the same MeetUP and Facebook pages so hopefully we won’t have to ask people to rejoin or re-like another page called Fresh Ground Stories, etc. If we can’t do this we’ll let you know.

The only thing I’m worried about is more people showing up to watch than to tell. Sometimes we get 80+ people in the audience but only a few putting their names in the hat to actually perform.

If you’re nervous about talking to a room full of strangers I want you to remember this. Nothing is more important to me than making you feel safe and comfortable onstage. We are very protective of our storytellers and have done our best to make every show feel like it’s a bunch of friends getting together in the living room. Some of the best stories we’ve ever heard were from people who have never spoken before in public. It’s also a great place to practice for other storytelling events so don’t feel like your story needs to be perfect before you get up.

That’s all for now. Feel free to email us with questions either on the MeetUP page or at freshgroundstories@gmail.com