Hi Everyone,

One last email to let you know of three great opportunities to listen or tell your own story. The first two are A Guide to Visitors and Drunken Telegraph. We’ve had lot of FGS tellers work with these shows when they want to expand and deepen their stories. Send them an email describing your story to see if it will fit with what they have coming up. Neither show has advertized these themes yet but I talked with the producers and they told me what their next topics were going to be.

Theme: “Don’t Call it a Comeback”


Theme: “That’s All Folks! Stories of Endings, Goodbyes and Moving On”. http://www.drunkentelegraph.com/

Below is a meetup that I think would be a good way for people to ease their way into storytelling. It’s more casual than our show and they only have room for a dozen or so people. It’s not a storytelling show but it will give you a chance to speak and share a story without being onstage. It sounded like a good thing so I’m including it here. Below is the description they sent me. Send them an email for more information.

“In the style of Fresh Ground Stories meets Conversation Cafe we’ll be starting a monthly storytelling meet-up that centers around a central theme/question and begins with a brief icebreaker before we give people time to then tell their stories (optional of course). We will end with sharing insights based on what was shared by others. This meet-up offers a chance to meet new people, practice listening, and learn from others by sharing stories of personal experiences.

Listeners and Storytellers welcome. We have room for 12 (this time) and a bigger space to grow into (next month) in our conveniently located Eastside Venue near the Whole Foods in Bellevue. RSVP if you can really make it this first time or another.”